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Sbs Ups

SBS Electronic Equipments Pvt ltd., is started in 1998.An ISO 9001-2008. Company and it is having best manufacturing facility in India ,since from1998. Having capability to manufacture 500VA-200KVA UPS'S & distributed all over the world. Range of inverter for home & industrial application's UPS.We have the best technology called DSP (digital signal processor) to produce sine wave UPS to give clean power to the connected load. World is running majorly dependent on the power.SBS is understanding that ,as a result our growth is extensively good compare to all other company .Our focus in this industry with service, quality and reliability of products extensively good. We understand the customer requirement carefully, we provide the solution at the satisfied level. People are repetitively come back to us for the further requirement because we are care taker about our products they need not to worry.We are always having vision to fulfill customer requirement and satisfaction after the sales

Please keep +91 or 0 before the number when you dial.
  • SBS Towers opp Dr raj Kantirava Studio Nandini Layout 2nd block Bangalore 560096
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